Chrome Wheel, 356 w/Drum Brake, 4.5 wide

Chrome Wheel, 356 w/Drum Brake, 4.5 wide

Chrome Wheel, 356 w/Drum Brake, 4.5 wide

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4.5 x 15 Chrome wheel with "wide five" bolt pattern.

Fits drum brake 356

Sometimes it seems like the simplest things are the most difficult to find. Years ago, you could pick up a set of Mangels Brazilian reproduction chrome wheels for a song, and they were everywhere. Sadly, those are all gone and Mangels is now out of the picture. The good news is, a new company has stepped up to reproduce this most basic of automotive necessities.

Before you ask - yes, they are made in China, but they really look pretty good. Lest you think we simply throw any old wheel out to our customers willy-nilly, you should know that before we send them to you we inspect each and every one. In addition to a thorough visual inspection, all wheels are spun up to check for straightness before we put it on the shelf, so we know they are all within specification.

We'll be honest here - The chrome is not "show chrome" but it is shiny and uniform. We cannot speak for the longevity of the chrome, especially with regard to being left in the elements permanently. However, the manufacturer suggests waxing them often to protect the finish. There is no warranty on the finish.

When compared to some of the Mangels Brazilians we had laying around here, they seem to be of similar quality. Further, they are dimensionally the same as the Brazilians every way we could possibly think to measure.

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