EFI Conversion Parts

EFI Conversion Parts

  • 356 EFI Conversion

    Complete Minimally Invasive Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion For 56-65 356's


    Are you sick and tired of finicky carburetors? You’re not the only one. That’s why we developed our own Electronic Fuel Injection conversion for your 1956-1965 356. 



    An ECU that features:

    Precise Control Over Fuel     

    • 16x16 Fuel Tables
    • Adjustable Warm Up Enrichment Map      
    • Accelerator Pump Adjustability / Tuning      
    • Air Fuel Ratio Targeting (Closed Loop Fuel Control) 

    Full Control Over Ignition     

    • 12x12 Timing Tables      
    • Temperature Based Timing Correction A

    Altitude/Barometric  Correction

    Optional Capabilities Such As*      

    • Idle Control      
    • Fuel Map Switching 
    • Timing Curve Switching
    • Data Logging and Diagnostics Via Laptop or Android Device

    Complete Ready To Install Wiring Harness

    Complete Drop-In Replacement Ignition System, Including Distributor, Coil, Plugs and Wires

    Premade Fuel Lines 

    Fuel Filter Kit

    Fuel Pump and Regulator Assembly

    Preassembled Throttle Bodies With Bosch Injectors

    New Intake Manifolds

    Necessary Mounting and Assembly Hardware 


    * This Feature Is Not In The Kit As It Ships, But Is Easily Added, Just Call and Ask *

    • $3695.00

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