Zims Premium Remanufactured Generator, 356 Converted to 12V

Zims Premium Remanufactured Generator, 356 Converted to 12V

Remanufactured Generator, 356 Converted to 12V

  • $671.00
Core Charge: $300.00

This is our Zims Premium remanufactured generator.  What makes it so special?  Lots of things.  Let’s start with the man who builds it.  He is a true craftsman and takes great pride in the work he does.  His attention to detail borders on obsessive, and he only knows one way to do it.  The right way.  He understands about these cars and what they mean to their owners.  How do we know all this?  We know the guy.  We’ve been working with him for thirty years and we know that nobody can do it better than him.  Cheaper?  Sure.  Faster?  Of course.  Better?  No way.    


Sure, anyone can slap in a set of brushes, shoot some spray paint and call it “rebuilt”, but that isn’t the way these are done.  Let’s start from the beginning.


First, we can’t…we won’t accept just any old generator for a core.  That rusty old thing you found at the bottom of the lake or that molten glob of metal you saved from that fire?  Sorry, that’s not gonna cut it.  Our Man can work miracles, but even he has his limits.    


Our generators are completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and the cases are zinc-plated.  The end bells are measured and replaced if out of spec.  (You would be amazed at how often the end bells are bad.  Nobody even checks those.  We know because they can’t be bought and we had to have them made.)  Bearings are replaced.  Threaded holes are tapped and new hardware is used.  The new, high quality field coils and armature, the literal heart and soul of your generator, are lovingly positioned in place and everything is assembled.        


Then comes the crucial step, the generator, no…this work of art, is tested before it leaves his bench to insure proper operation and a long service life.  Finally, it is carefully packaged and placed on our shelf, waiting for you to call for it.   

12 volt
25 amps
350 watts

6 volt cores accepted

If you choose the " I Want Mine Back " option , The Approximate turnaround is 8-10 weeks from the date we receive the generator.

The additional charge is due to the difficulty in keeping track of a specific generator an a batch that can be 20 or more similar generators. Unfortunately since a rebuild has multiple stages involved where a mix ups can easily happen it takes additional steps to ensure You get the generator You sent in back. 

356 converted to 12V

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